Museum structure

1DirectorBakashova J.K.
2Scientific Deputy DirectorIsiralieva A.Y.
3Deputy Director for Administrative and Economic AffairsShaildaeva Z.U.
4Chief AccountantOrozalieva N.I., acting
5Chief EngineerFufuza Sh.B.
6Chief CuratorImankulova N.E.
7Academic SecretaryImanalieva D.A.
8Head of Human Resources DepartmentAbdylkanova J.M.
9Head of the Department of Ancient, Medieval and Modern History Priteeva N.A.
10Head of the Modern History SectorMomunbayeva N.S.
11Head of the Department of Modern History of KyrgyzstanMagamedova R.A.
12Head of the History Department of Independent KyrgyzstanIlyinskaya O.M.
13Head of the Museum Funds Record Keeping Accounting DepartmentAskarova G.M.
14Head of the Funds Storage SectorAbashakirova K.I.
15Head of the Restoration WorkshopKoibagarova T.J.
16Head of the Department of Educational and Enlightenment Work Samudinov O.R.
17Head of the Sector of Scientific and Methodological Work and the Library Isaeva A.
18Head of the Department for Public Procurement and Development of the MuseumKeneshbekova J.U
19Head of the Department for International Cooperation and Public RelationsBektenaliev A.M.
20Art and Design Group Chief ArtistOmorova N.K.
21Department of Security Service and Information and Communication TechnologiesSaparbekov S.S.

No.Name of the sub-divisionContactsFull name
1.Press Service  
2.Excursion Department Samudinov O.R.
3.Administrator Bekbolotova N.B.
4.Head of Equipment Maintenance and Repair Service (Superintendent) Omorov K.K.
5.Reception Omurzakova A.A.

As of July 20, 2023