Entrance fees and services

Prices and cost

To book the program of master classes/lectures/events it is necessary to contact us in advance by our phone numbers or write to email info@historymuseum.kg

Entrance to expositions and exhibitions for 1 visitor of all categories – 150 soms

For schoolchildren – 100 soms

NameUnit of measurePrice
1.Guided tours of expositions and exhibitions (with a guide)
1.1.Group excursions (with a guide) to the expositions and exhibitions (group of 10-20 people)
Overview for:
1Adults1 visitor240
2Students1 visitor150
3Schoolchildren1 visitor100
4Pensioners1 visitor150
5Families (for two parents with one or two children under the age of 16)1 family500
Thematic for:
1Adults1 visitor240
2Students1 visitor150
3Schoolchildren1 visitor100
4Pensioners1 visitor150
1.2. Individual excursions (with a guide) to expositions and exhibitions
Overview for:
1Adults1 visitor450
2Students1 visitor250
3Schoolchildren1 visitor200
4Pensioners1 visitor250
5Экскурсия с аудиогидом (на 5 языках)1 visitor300
Thematic for:
1Adults1 visitor450
2Students1 visitor250
3Schoolchildren1 visitor200
4Pensioners1 посетитель250
2.  Providing access to museum funds for video/photography
1Amateur video/photography (on the exposition background of the exposure)exposition150
2Commercial video/photography (on the background of the exhibition, up to two visitors )exposition1000
3Video/photography of an exhibit located in the museum’s exposition1 exhibit300
4Video/photography of the exhibit of the main fund, located in the depositories of the museum1 exhibit1500
3.      Providing advisory, methodological, organizational and creative assistance in preparing and conducting cultural and leisure events
1Creative classes (1 lesson, in a group of 10 to 20 people)1 visitor200
2Thematic lectures (1 lecture, a group of 30 to 40 people)1 visitor150
3Scientific and methodological consultation1 hour500
4Organization of exhibitions, presentations, creative evenings1 hour500
4. Provision of halls and premises, as well as equipment, inventory of cultural institutions, art and education in the field of culture, institutions in the field of youth Physical culture and sports
1Exhibition area 1m21 hour100
2Cinema and lecture hall (200 seats)1 hour6000
3Cinema and lecture hall with simultaneous translation equipment1 hour10000
4Provision of a room area for film and television filming1 hour3000
5Provision of space for video/photo shooting1 hour500

Does not apply to the «Gold» Pavilion.


Entrance tickets for self-guided viewing of the permanent exhibition of the National Historical Museum of Kyrgyz Republic

                                   nameunit of measurementprice
paid entrance tickets:*
1children from 7 to 16 years old inclusive, regardless of citizenship1 person70
The right to free admission is given to;**
1Participants of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of military operations           the entrance is free
2Persons with disabilities and one accompanying person            the entrance is free
3Pupils of orphanages up to 17 years old inclusive            the entrance is free
4Military personnel performing compulsory military service.            the entrance is free
5members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), museum researchers of Kyrgyz Republic           the entrance is free
6Members of the Museum’s Friends Club            the entrance is free
7Accredited media representatives            the entrance is free
8Children under 7 years old            the entrance is free
9Heroes of the Kyrgyz Republic            the entrance is free
10Official (guests) delegations***             the entrance is free


*The implementation of photo/ video shooting in the section “Gold of Ancient Kyrgyzstan” does not apply.

** In the presence of an identification document.

*** Within the framework of events of national importance, in the presence of official letters